Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello PreK!

This Wednesday will be the one week mark that Ella has been in school an I still cannot believe it. Honestly, i'm not quite sure where the last 4 years have gone. The Prek program Ella is enrolled in meets every weekday for 3 hours a day, not horrible, but also not a ton of time to get much done sans child either. Being in school is a huge adjustment for her. Her entire life she has been able to pretty much do whatever she wanted (when to play, what to play, when to rest, etc), which is a huge change to having to sit down and do what your told to do - even though there is a very tempting basket of markers at arms length.

Ready to meet her teacher!

She wouldn't sit still long enough to let me get any pictures of her at her desk as evidenced by the picture above, it was the best I could get. The only problem that came out of open house was wondering about a uniform. We received a letter a few weeks ago requesting the only 'uniform,' they required was tennis shoes, so we decided to just have Ella wear normal clothes to school since she is only there 15hrs a week and she grows like a weed. At open house we were told the school really "would appreciate" all students in the Prek program to wear the school uniform, so afterwards Ella and I ran around like crazy trying to find pieces at multiple stores and finally found her size in two outfits. Prek shouldn't be this stressful. After picking Ella up the first day I noticed most kids weren't wearing the uniform, so we're sticking to the normal everyday clothes from now on.

First Day!!
She wakes up in the morning ready to go and excited about going to school, so it seems so far so good. Here's to hoping the rest of the school year goes just as well!

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