Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Framed Jewelry Orgainizer

So I've been addicted to Pinterest (again) and set my mind on finally making a framed jewelry organizer to hang in our master bath since I can never seem to get my earrings back to my jewelry box in the bedroom. I've read countless tutorials and I set my mind on buying a (nice) cheap frame from a thrift store, throwing some paint on it and calling it a day. Unfortunately, I searched many stores and was unable to find the awesome cheap frame like others did, so I sucked it up and went to Hobby Lobby armed with a 40% off coupon and found a frame that I love! I had a friend ask how I did it (Lauren this is for you!) so here goes.

First, the wire you use is extremely important, I read on a few blogs that the wire mesh you buy at craft stores (like the volcanoes you made in grade school) doesn't hold up that well to heavy jewelry, so I opted for chicken wire that you can buy at Lowe's/Home Depot. It was around $10, but there is enough wire left over that I can make five or six more frames. Everything else that I needed I had laying around the house. I'll apologize now for the pictures, I took them with my phone and didn't realize the quality/lighting wasn't the greatest until after I was finished.
  • wire cutters or very very durable scissors
  • tape measure
  • staple gun,other tutorials call for a hot glue gun, but I thought staples would work better with the heavy wire.
  • fabric cut in the dimensions of your frame (optional)
  • frame (of course)
  • paper clips, S clips, or ceiling screw hooks

Loved this frame!

Chicken wire

Measure the the wire to fit your frame and then carefully cut with the wire clippers. Be sure to give yourself about another half inch wiggle room to staple your wire to the frame.

Not super pretty, but it's going against the wall so I'm okay with it.

Staple all around the frame. Again, a lot of instructions that I read suggested the use of hot glue, but once I felt the heaviness of the chicken wire I didn't think the glue would hold as well as I needed it to. If you don't have a staple gun, get one, they come in handy very often!

 Next, do the same thing as the wire for your fabric. Be sure to pull your fabric tight so it doesn't wrinkle and look sloppy once it's hanging.

Ready to hang!
This is the part where I had to change things up a bit. My original plan was to use ceiling hooks (the screw with a 'C' end) to screw into the bottom of the frame to hold necklaces, but since I paid more than $3 for the frame I really did't want to mess on the pretty molding. I looked for S hooks at a few stores, but couldn't find any that were small enough to blend nicely with the frame so I cut a few paper clips and bent them into (kind of ) a C shape to hold my necklaces.

Now to find all my lost earrings so they can finally have a home out of reach of my four year old.