Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Are Floridians!

     We have officially lived in Florida for three weeks. Time seems to fly and yet at the same time some days just drag by. We live in a little unincorporated area called Hobe Sound, which is very quite and laid back, especially by Florida standards. To the West of us is a state park and to the north and south is the Hobe Sound Wild Life Refuge, which means there is little to no development around. There are two small shopping centers housing a Publix,Winn-Dixie, Ace Hardware, Subway, a pizza place and a Chinese restaurant. That's it. The main road that runs to the beach has little shops, selling typical beach stuff and souvenirs. It's nice, but unfortunately we were a little spoiled by how close we were to EVERYTHING we wanted in Chattanooga. Just an idea of how spread out things are, I had to make a run to our bank and the closest location is about 25 minutes south from the house, so that day I planned to shop at the Lake Park Target since it was close to the bank. I left the house at 10:30 and only went to the bank and Target, then came home around 1... The time it takes to do anything definitely helps to pass the day.

     Ian loves his job, everyone at NextEra have been very welcoming to him and he has jumped right in with the work load. The only downside so far is that he has had to bring work home with him, which hasn't been the easiest thing for Ella who wants all his attention all the time when he is here. Ella is her typical rambunctious self. All she wants to do is spend time at the beach building sand castles and trying to catch the seagulls. We're hoping to get her into a local pre-k program in the next few weeks, and hopefully she adjusts quickly to it.  Finally feel like we're getting into a routine with day to day activities and it feels great. I'm trying a ton of new recipes, some are turning out better than others and my hope is to eventually get the better ones on here.

     Absolutely love the house. It's about double the space that we had in Chattanooga which is great, but it also mean more rooms to clean and more furniture we need to buy, so it still isn't exactly how we want it. There are still a handful of boxes upstairs that I promise, one day, to go through and put away.