Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can We Buy a Bird?

     These are our neighbors. Any any given day, you can walk down to the beach and see 10-20 pelicans flying over or even sitting by the shore line waiting for a stray fish or crab to jump out of the crashing waves. Ella has become fascinated with these birds, she'll walk behind them on the beach while trying to coax them to come home with her by offering to give them a cracker. Needless to say, none of them have taken her up on this request. We've debated buying her a beta fish since she has shown such an interest in marine life, but every time we suggest going to the pet store she always states she'd rather have a pelican. "One bird please, or two, ok, pleaaassseee??" I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't highly illegal for us to own one, Ian would have gotten Ella the one or two birds she desperately wants to call her own.

A fly over. They typically fly in a single file line, it's pretty cool.

 Mom came to visit!! This should probably be a separate post all together to celebrate the fact I never thought she'd come down, but I haven't been the best at updating, so I've gotta get everything in this one while I have a chance to sit down at the computer.

Ella and Mom at the beach
 With mom in town, we gave her the grand tour of our little town, which included the Loggerhead Turtle Rehabilitation Center, Blowing Rocks, Tiger Wood's House and Ian's workplace. Those pictures are on my camera an I currently can't find my fire wire to get them off so that's where they have to stay for now... gotta love technology.

See the speck of pink? Ella kept yelling at her to come back and to be careful. At least I know she listens to me.
We still pretty much spend most of our time at the beach, Ella has met some little kids around her age, which has been nice. Still hoping to get her into a Mother's Day Out program, but I'm just not sure we've found the right one quite yet. Some of our furniture finally gets delivered Saturday afternoon, so I'll hopefully have some new pictures of the house up soon. Hope everyone is having a great March!

Enjoying the Salt Life.

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